Internet Apps:

Hi Parents/Guardians,

Due to the ever increasing number of apps children are becoming involved in it may be of help to be aware of the following;

Attached is a photo of 10 apps teens are using that parents need to know about. There are also useful links below to the parents section of the site which offers lots of information and tips on internet safety for children. Simple things like making sure safety settings are turned on on Google or YouTube etc. can make a big difference to the content your child might be exposed to.

Most apps now a days have interaction/chat features which means children are interacting constantly with both friends and in certain circumstances strangers. Apps such as, Snapchat, Instagram, messenger, imessages and even email etc. offer this interaction so it is vital parents know passwords and check these apps regularly.

Webwise Parents Section

Advice for Parents

How to section

Apps Explained

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