Allen Parish Sports

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),
As you may be aware Robertstown National School will be hosting Allen Parish Sports this year. The event will take place from 5.30p.m. on Wednesday, 18th May 2016 in Robertstown G.A.A.
The Allen Parish Sports has a long standing tradition in the Parish of Allen and each primary school takes a turn in hosting the event. As part of the event children from Robertstown have the opportunity to test themselves against the pupils of Allen, Milltown and both Allenwood schools. Children from preschool to Under -13 take part in races over distances from 50-200 metres. The highlight of the event are the relays where teams from each of the schools battle it out to be crowned Champions for 2016.
The Parish Sports is also a vital fundraising event for our schools, the money raised goes towards the purchase and upkeep of curriculum resources.  As we are hosting this year, the proceeds of the event will go directly to addressing the needs of Robertstown National School.  As part of the fundraising effort, each family will receive a sponsorship card which will be given to your eldest child in the coming week.
Parking will be at a premium due to the numbers involved from each school this year so we encourage our families to carpool or walk to the event to help alleviate the congestion.
We hope to see you all there on the night!
Kind Regards,
Stephen Donovan.
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