The Big Travel Challenge

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you all for your help and encouragement so far with the Active School’s programme, there has been a brilliant response to Super Troopers so far.  Our next endeavour for the Active Schools  is competing in “The Big Travel Challenge”, a competition to promote sustainable travel to school, in our case, walking.  This is a nationwide competition, with great prizes available to the schools who increase their chosen travel method the most.

Obviously, it is not possible for everyone to walk to school from home, so, for the 2 weeks the competition runs, a teacher will be waiting at the Hotel in Robertstown every morning, to walk any child who wishes to partake down to the school at 8.45am.  We are also running our own in school competition, with the most committed individuals and classes receiving prizes.

We are going to start “The Big Travel Challenge” on Wednesday the 3rd of February, and will finish on Wednesday the 17th of February, the day we get our mid-term break.  The children will get cards in school to record their progress, and I will be posting updates on our numbers on Facebook.

Thanks again for the support so far, and I hope we will have a great response to this next effort.  If you require any more information you can contact Mr. Eyres Active Schools co-ordinator on

Mr. Eyres

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