Urgent Safety Message

We are urging parents to use the parking in front of the school as a drop off point for children and to move away promptly in order to leave the space free for other
cars. We hope that this will some way alleviate the very serious traffic congestion during peak times.
All children must enter through the side gate. The gate will be open at 8:50am every morning. The school is not responsible for children dropped off on school grounds
before this time.
We would encourage parents/guardians to obey the markings and leave an adequate pathway for safe passage of children. At no time should cars be parked on double lines
or on the opposite side of the road. We thank you for your co-operation.
No cycling is allowed on school grounds at any time. Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle area. We hope to have bicycle stands soon. Children must walk with their
bicycle from front gate to bicycle area and vice versa.
Your co-operation with these arrangements would be greatly appreciated

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