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This is link for the schools official “facebook” page.  All parents are welcome to join.


Welcome Back

To remain within the cover of our insurers ‘Allianz’, the following conditions must be adhered to under the provisions of the school’s insurance policy;

The school door opens to receive pupils at 8:50am.  Parents are reminded that 8:55am is the official opening time. All pupils must arrive at the school by this time.  The pupils must be in their designated area.  No responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving on school grounds before 8:50am.

Classes will finish each day at 1:35pm for Junior and Senior infants and 2:35pm for all other pupils.  Parents who wish to have their children escorted home should make their own arrangements to have them met at the school gate at 2:35pm as it not possible for teachers to supervise alternative arrangements.  We ask parents not to ask the school to carry messages to their children during the school day, except in exceptional circumstances.   Pupils should not be left on school grounds unsupervised by a parent.  Pupils who are making their own way home must have a letter giving them permission.  Children should not ride bikes, scooters etc. on school grounds.

All visitors to the school must report to the office in all circumstances.  This is to ensure that we can monitor all persons on the premise to ensure no strangers can gain access.  All pupils arriving after 9am must be accompanied to the office.  This is to ensure that all pupils are being cared for at all times.  Any parent wishing to remove their child before the official end of class must attend the office to complete the appropriate form.  We ask parents to only remove their child early in exceptional circumstances as doing so causes disruption to the school.

Your child’s safety is our main concern and as the numbers in the school have increased significantly in the past few years, we need parents to comply with the above in order to ensure the smooth running of the school.  These arrangements are in line with supervision arrangements operated in all primary schools.  They are made in the interests of the safety and well-being of your children.  We look forward to, and thank you for continued cooperation in this matter.

Dropping in Lunches

To ensure the smooth running of the school we would ask parents not to enter the school when dropping in lunches, please leave your child’s lunch in the porch area of main entrance.  All lunches are collected before lunch and delivered to the various classrooms.  (Please ensure lunch boxes are clearly labelled).

Meeting Teachers

If you wish to speak with a teacher an appointment must be made with Mona.  Mornings and afternoons  are very busy times in the school and it is disruptive if parents are trying to gain a teacher’s attention on the corridors or are entering the classroom.  Teachers are very accommodating when an appointment is made and can then give you their attention and time.   For minor issues, re collecting children etc write a note in your child’s Homework Diary, or if your child is in an infant class drop a note into their homework folder.


Full uniform at all times, black shoes/runners compulsory.  Uniforms will be checked regularly by all teachers.  School tracksuit on P.E. days.  Please note that there is no relaxed uniform day on Fridays.  A note must be provided for explanation of why tracksuit is worn on days that are not designated eg. P.E.

Please see the Parents Association news letter for details of suppliers.

Staff Meeting

All children will be going home at 1:35pm on Thursday, 5th January 2015 t0 facilitate staff meeting.  Please be on time to collect your child/children.

Contact numbers/emails should be up to date for your child.

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