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Poetry                                                                                                                                        Based on Anne Frank during WWII

The Waiting Game

Sitting in the corner filled with fear.
Praying that god will always be near.
Dreaming of having a happy childhood.
Like every other child should.

I wish the shooting and bombing would all just end.
Then we’d surely be back on the mend.
Lucky I had my family with me.
Without them I don’t know where I would be.
Waiting to be found was the worst part.
Just knowing that the soldiers couldn’t be far.

When I closed my eyes it all went away,
Even though I couldn’t handle yet another day.
Then when I woke I heard a loud noise,
I thought I could just close my eyes.
I knew that simply wasn’t the case,
When I heard the soldiers coming up the stair case.
By Róisín


Poetry                                                                                                                                             My Favourite Star 

She’s as wonderful as can be,
She has personality.
She smiles like as bee,
Just like me.

Her hair flashes like ashes,
Especially when she dashes,
Her name is Katy Perry,
And she smells like blueberry.
by Seán

Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor is so strong,
She would beat you all day long.

When she knocked you out that day,
We were all shocked and went hooray!

When she’s training she has many friends,
But when she enters the ring that all ends.
by Natasha

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