Healthy Lunch Policy

Healthy Lunch days are from Monday to Friday inclusive.

A healthy, winning smile can send you laughing all the way to your next dental check up.

  • That means no sweets, bars, buns, cakes or other fried snack.
  • No fizzy minerals or added sugar drinks.
  • No novelty yogurt drinks (petit filous), fromage frais and other novelty yogurts, including chocolate, with a high sugar content.
  • You can bring yogurts, fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, cheese strings, sandwiches, scones, brown bread, rolls, pitta bread, crackers etc.
  • Milk, water, pure fruit juice.
  • Remember no glass bottles or chewing gum allowed.
  • All nuts and foods with nuts are banned from the school due to allergies!!!

Healthy Lunch Boxes

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