Digital School Award

Digital Schools Award Evaluation Report

School: Robertstown National School, Nas na Riogh, Kildare


Roll No: 18430B

Date of validation: 17/11/2010

Leadership & Vision
The Principal and teachers are very focussed on the direction they see their school heading in with regard to integrating ICT into the curriculum. They have achieved the baseline requirement of a teaching computer and interactivity in every classroom and they plan to introduce an ipad into the resource room. The Principal and the ICT coordinator, far from been satisfied with past achievements, are constantly looking for new ways to improve the integration of ICT in learning and teaching. They plan to purchase more laptops and other devices, such as visualisers.

ICT in the Curriculum
It is easy to see the integration of ICT in learning and teaching throughout the whole school. They have managed to integrate interactive whiteboards, software and free resources seamlessly in the school day. The use of netbooks by a senior infants class was most impressive. These were connected to the internet and also to a storage folder on the server. The children are engaged and confident about using ICT and are very willing to demonstrate this at any opportunity.

School ICT Culture
The school has an excellent website which is updated regularly. They communicate with parents via text messaging, email and the website. Children are given access to computers if they cannot complete work, which they then complete at home. There is substantial evidence of ICT work completed by the children.

Professional Development
The teachers in this school are very confident in using ICT in the class. There is a lot of peer to peer tutoring happening in the school and time is set aside at staff meetings to up-skill teachers. The ICT coordinator is an NCTE tutor and is proactive in providing training within the school. The teachers also participate in NCTE and/or INTO courses and are aware of courses as they become available.

Resources & Infrastructure
The school is very well equipped with resources. There is an interactive whiteboard in each classroom and children have access to ICT resources in a structured way. Netbooks are used in the class to great effect. All computers are networked.

General comments
The seamless use of ICT in class is most impressive in this school. The confidence and enthusiasm of the teachers is very exciting and contagious. The children are completely engaged with this learning culture and it is to be commended.

This school is an example of ongoing excellence in the use of ICT in learning and teaching. They are a worthy example of what can be done in a small rural school.

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